Oxford’s leading executive coaches

The Listening Partnership’s head office has been operating in the Oxford area for over 25 years. However, our executive coaches work with clients across all sectors and businesses throughout the UK and internationally.

Our executive coaches enjoy building positive, ongoing relationships with our clients and consistently offer high-quality services that they value. The reputation that we have established over the years is endorsed by regular client referrals and recommendations.

Our coaching approach

Our coaching approach will help you make sense of what is going for you and explore your business context. Your time with a coach will provide the groundwork for making significant decisions. It is the springboard for taking the kind of strategic action that will bring about significant change. The coaching will be an investment in your future.

We understand the time pressures that our Oxford clients have in their busy lives, and we respect these constraints. Our coaches will make arrangements to meet you at a mutually agreed venue. In any event, these coaching sessions are either at our office, in a confidential space in your company or off-site.

UK and international executive coaching

We coach people in a variety of geographical locations. For individuals further afield in the UK and internationally, our executive coaching is via video conferencing.

Contact details

Virtual coaching sessions

All our coaching sessions will take place online for the time being. While this may be a necessity due to the pandemic, it has the benefit of increased flexibility and convenience. Our coaches have years of experience using online conferencing tools, allowing them to make virtual sessions just as effective as face-to-face ones.

Executive coaching in businesses

At the Listening Partnership, our coaches have extensive commercial experience, having worked in a broad range of sectors for over 30 years. If you feel that your business could benefit from one, or more, of your team spending some time with our executive coaches, find out more about how we coach in businesses

CEO’s & Leaders

Leadership coaching for CEOs is tailored specifically for those at the top of their organisations. Our experienced leadership coaches have worked alongside CEOs for over 30 years. They understand how pivotal your role is and how important it is for you to lead effectively.

Board members

Board level executive coaching is designed for when boards need to improve. The implications of an underperforming board will impact the entire business. A board that is off-the-pace often becomes disconnected to the business and therefore becomes ineffective.


Are you continually frustrated that your best recruits fail to develop, move on quickly? It’s crucial that your company is developing and retaining your best people and those of high potential. Our leadership coaching for high potentials brings out the best out of the next generation of business leaders.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a process that brings individuals together to improve their skills, awareness and collective responsibility. Team coaching works through a combination of group sessions and one-on-one sessions. The focusses is on how your team can deliver more effectively.

Career coaching for individuals

We coach people in a variety of geographical locations. Moreover, for individuals further afield in the UK and internationally, our executive coaching is often done via video conferencing. Are you at a crossroads in your career and would like some help establishing what to do next? If so, learn more about our executive coaching for individuals

Career progression

Whether you are trying to decide to stay in your current job or thinking about new roles, and new organisations, we can help. Almost everyone can benefit from some one-on-one time. At critical career decision points, it is often sensible to have a career coach draw alongside as you.

Woman in leadership

We provide Executive Coaching for women who want to strengthen their leadership influence and presence. When you’re at a key juncture and want to make a step change but are not entirely sure exactly what that means, tailored executive coaching provides insight and answers.

Later career stages

There comes a time in every successful persons’ career when thoughts turn to what next. Third Phase Coaching is ideal if you want to harness your ambition further. If you want to ensure that the next phase also reflects your passions and has real meaning to you, then Third Phase Coaching is for you.

Moving between jobs

Career coaching can help you traverse periods of significant change. You might be returning to work after a career break and wondering about the possibilities ahead. Alternatively, you might have recently been made redundant or decided to leave where you are, if so, our career coaches can help.

Transformational Narrative Coaching

Our advanced Transformational Narrative Coaching course is for experienced coaches, consultants, L&OD practitioners, HR professionals and Business Leaders interested in the power of story.

Transformational Narrative Coaching Solo Course

This course is designed for experienced coaches. If you’re based further afield or prefer to more flexibly structure your training in accordance with your schedule, then the Flying Solo course will be ideal for you. If you simply prefer working one-on-one with us, Flying Solo provides an alternative means of personal coaching training that focuses directly on you and your practice.

Transformational Narrative Coaching Group Course

This advanced course is designed for experienced executive coaches, consultants, L&OD practitioners, HR professionals and business leaders. It will train you to apply our distinctive way of coaching to your practice in your own way. It is particularly effective when used with clients’ leadership roles and at transition or decision points in their lives.

Transformational Narrative Coaching for Leaders

This programme is designed for business leaders sustaining a highly pressured role shaping and influencing their organisation in ways that are crucial to its future. It is for busy professionals who cannot spare the time to attend courses, yet would benefit from highly skilled leadership coaching at the exact time and way they need it.

General Coaching Supervision

Keep yourself sharp by using our supervisor services! We offer supervision for individuals and small groups. It is a key element of your ongoing professional development and we provide two types of supervision.The first is General Executive Coaching Supervision, where we review any or all aspects of your practice.We will work systemically with you and explore any wider business concerns you may have.

Virtual coaching sessions

Our executive coaches work closely with individuals and teams in businesses throughout the UK and beyond. The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak means many businesses are stopping face-to-face meetings and require entire teams to work remotely. This makes it more important than ever to stay coordinated and to have clear processes in place. Our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients. We are able to deliver our coaching sessions virtually, through online conferencing tools. Virtual coaching sessions are a viable and powerful alternative with benefits along the way: we’re more flexible.

Businesses with remote teams

Remote teams offer powerful advantages but they come with a unique set of challenges. We will help you optimise collective performance in spite of physical distance to release your remote teams’ full potential.

Individuals working remotely

Working remotely can be as challenging as it is liberating. We will help you maximise the benefits, and manage the challenges, of physical distance to your colleagues.