What people say about us

Here's why people choose the Listening Partnership and keep coming back...

‘In Organisational Stories & Leadership Sensemaking, Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman have created a way to understand business culture, which is very important in global business. Readers will understand that cultures are not simply made of customs and rules but of stories. If we want to understand different cultures, we should seek out the stories that lie at the heart of them, and then all we have to do is to listen.’

Kazuo Koya
Representative Director, Eudaimonia Management Inc. and Japan, Engagement Association (JEA)

‘Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman have gifted us a short and concise, yet meaningful guide as to how we can use story telling as leaders to solve the very real challenge of keeping our teams motivated, engaged and working with purpose. They dig into the power of continuous and active listening and really understanding the hidden stories that hide in the shadow of our very visible and sometimes seemingly glowing company and team cultures. As they say “Leaders, and great leadership teams create environments where people feel free enough and safe enough to tell it like it is.’

Annabelle Degroot
Global VP, Value Creation, Anheuser Busch InBev

‘We live in complex times. Times when we need leaders who can navigate the ambiguities and the opportunities, the paradoxes and the possibilities in our current context. We often get to see great leadership in our sporting heroes. Great leadership happens both on the field and behind the scenes. Whatever your context this coaching develops both these aspects of leadership, It’s remarkably relevant and effective.’

John Murtough
Head of Development, Manchester United

‘This Leadership Coaching been a fantastic journey of discovery, incredibly rewarding and at times provocative. I am absolutely convinced that my professional development, clarity of personal brand and overall career fulfilment have all benefited significantly since working with my Listening Partnership Coach.’

Barry NcNeill
CEO, Sportsology

‘The Business of Leadership Coaching meets a growing need. The world is crying out for leadership now. Africa is desperately crying for servant leaders who have integrity and can lead with both vision, compassion and Ubuntu.’

Dr. Carmen Nibigira
Workplace Learning ­ Tourism Expert, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusam & Board Member of the Akilah Institute for Women

‘Listening Partnership’s way of understanding how story works in business and in my leadership role has transformed the way I think about my business strategy. It has given me the confidence to shape how I tell our story to our clients and to our organisation.’

Blake Wooster
CEO, 21st Club

‘The Listening Partnership brings originality, focus and fun to the teams that they engage with. Their approach is built upon their wealth of experience, breadth of professional knowledge and strong coaching and training expertise.’

Anton Baumohl
Senior Lecturer, Regent’s University

‘It’s important to say that these online Transformational Narrative Coaching course modules truly are a class act! Beautifully designed slides, professionally delivered, and of course there is that wonderful Nick-Jude double act to bring them to life! Nick and Jude created a great flow through the modules, with important and relevant topics/objectives building upon each other.’

Peter Young
Executive Coach, Bladon Leadership

‘These interactive modules from Listening Partnership bring to life Transformational Narrative Coaching in an accessible and stimulating way. We all need to connect with our story in these times of uncertainty, and this process helps us do that with real clarity.’

Tim Richardson
Director of Waverley Learning

‘As Chair, Nick is commercial and team-focused. He works skillfully with the Board and the senior leadership team. His expertise and consistency are of significant benefit to the Company. Nick is a deep thinker who appreciates that great people and excellent strategy make companies successful.’

Rob Lucas
CEO (retiring), Turley

‘I saw Nick at a pivotal point in my career. His quiet wisdom and guidance helped me see my future in a very different light. I can highly recommend him.’

Jay Hunt
Creative Director Europe, Apple

‘The Listening Partnership’s executive coaching is always beneficial. Being a CEO is sometimes an isolated position. I find our regular meetings critical in helping me navigate the challenges and resolve the complex issues that often arise.’

Andy Gregory
Managing Director, Davies Odell

‘I have worked with Nick since 2002 finding his insights and help profound. Nick always helps me unpack my jumbled thoughts, helping me to be present as a leader, giving me the confidence, I need to thrive and perform.’

Guy Mason
CEO & Director, BP Shipping

‘Jude is one of the greatest executive coaches I have ever come across. She was my coach when I first became a Director of Organisational Development and I loved how she balanced support and challenge. One thing that stands out in her coaching practice, is her ability to look at things from a holistic perspective, whilst helping individuals to become unstuck. Jude has a really refreshing approach. I greatly valued her professionalism and can confidently recommend her to anyone who wants to move to a new level of leadership effectiveness.’

Vongai Nyahunzvi
Head of Africa Region, Teach For All

‘Listening Partnership’s coaching, using stories, is powerful for personal and professional career change. It is a transformational force for releasing unknown potential, creative energy, a stronger sense of their own worth and competencies too.’

Nick Roseveare
Interim CEO, NGO

‘Over the past four years, Nick has played a crucial role in helping me build my executive coaching and consulting business. My MBA from Kellogg Business School gives me strong credentials, Nick continues to be the most significant influence in my success.’

Shyla Allard
Executive Coach, Allard Consulting Group

‘Jude has been my supervisor for years. Through her extensive experience as a coach, supervisor and trainer she provides me with invaluable insight as well as bringing focus on my ongoing development as a coach. She combines working at depth with practical outcomes, along with utter seriousness, humour and approachability.’

Helen McCallion
Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach

‘Jude has been supervising me for several years now and our supervision sessions have become a key part of my professional well-being. Her style is the right mix of caring and challenging and her outstanding experience as a coach and supervisor make sure that all of our supervision session bring new insights for me … especially in difficult professional situations.’

Professor Dr. C Hieker
Honoury Professor, UCC

‘Supervision discussions with Jude are much more than just a meeting. Jude provides an environment where I feel safe and able to raise questions and reflect on my coaching practice. Every discussion is a stimulating and encouraging learning opportunity after which I feel enriched, stretched, and empowered to go deeper in my own coaching journey. It’s a privilege to be able to learn from the profound insights and experience Jude has gained over many years as a coaching professional.’

Ian Smith
Director, Springbrook Partnership; EMCC Accredited Coach – Senior Practitioner