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Frequently asked questions

What is career coaching? What does a career coach do? Find out the answers to these and other frequently asked questions about career coaches.

Are the coaching meetings one-to-one?

Yes, it is always one-to-one and most frequently face-to-face.

Can career coaching help anyone at any age?

Yes it can and is successfully offered in many different settings. General career coaching is for teenagers onwards. However, our company specialises in helping people in their mid-20’s, 30s, 40s and 50s onwards.

Can I have a one off coaching supervision session with you?

This is not what usually happens. We like to build on-going relationships with those we supervisor. For example, we usually set up 3 meetings over the a period of 6 months.

Can you help me change jobs?

Yes, but indirectly. We’ll support you all the way in deciding on the best move and preparing you for success. But it’s down to you to find a new role.

Can you provide your services – coaching and training – virtually?

Yes, we frequently work with clients and train coaches at distance. Our Flying Solo Course is designed specifically for that.

Do you coach at any level in an organisation?

We do work with younger people who have been promoted into new leadership roles and where the company wants to invest in their development. More frequently, we are engaged to work with senior, existing leaders who are at managerial, director or board level.

Do you coach both men and women?

Yes, we coach everyone.

Do you coach graduates or those just starting out on their careers?

We usually work with people in their late 20’s onwards. Those that have had some work life and experience.

Do you coach in start-up companies?

Yes, and with SMEs

Do you coach individuals within the team as well as the team as a group?

Yes, we often do.

Do you coach internationally?

We do and depending upon the location and circumstances, this is often a combination of face-face coaching and regular Skype coaching. You would need to contact us to discuss your coaching needs, context and location.

Do you coach leaders in any sector?

Yes we do.

Do you coach on evenings and weekends?

We work with international time differences. We do coach during early morning and evenings if it’s required, but not usually at weekends.

Do you do phone or Skype supervision?

Yes, we do one-hour Supervision Skype meetings.

Do you help with CV and interview skills sessions?

Yes, but not independent one off meetings. We coach these skills as part of wider coaching transition session package.

Do you offer coaching supervision after I have been trained?

Yes, we offer this to everyone who attends this course, in support of their on-going learning and practice. Email or call for further information and fees.

Do you offer full coaching packages on Skype?

Yes, if that’s what you need. We have coached clients this way in Singapore, Hong Kong, Africa, USA, Denmark, France, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Australia.

Do you offer one-to-one coaching to the Chair of the Board?

Yes, we offer specific coaching for this key leadership role, distinct from board coaching in general.

Do you only coach in English?

Yes, we do.

Do you only coach people from one industry?

We coach talented individuals in any and every industry.

Do you use coaching profiling systems?

We don’t tend to use profiling tools. Our own Transformational Coaching approach uses the power of story on an individual, team and organisational level. We are highly skilled at understanding and working strategically with you whatever your role or context.

Does the advanced training course offer certification?

On request, we offer a Listening Partnership CPD certificate on successful completion of the course. However, we also encourage on-going coaching supervision and offer further reading and study through access to our member site. This is available to anyone who has been on the advanced course.

Does the company pay for executive coaching?

Yes, usually the organisation funds the executive coaching, whist individuals wanting career coaching, will pay for the service independently.

Does the entire board need to be coached individually?

Not necessarily, although we usually build in time to spend with each board member before moving on to work with the whole board.

How can I find out training course dates?

The dates are on the website or email us directly for further information.

How do I book a coaching supervision session with you?

Call or email to discuss it and to book a session.

How do I choose a career coach?

You want someone you get on with, connect with and build a trusting, positive relationship with. You can take our expertise for granted, so the best way to choose is to contact us for an exploratory discussion, no strings attached.

How does executive coaching differ from career coaching?

Executive coaching is about the person in their context plus the business strategy and the leadership elements of their current role. Career coaching is has more to do with how the individual develops their career path, independent of their current role.

How is coaching for women different from your general executive coaching?

It is similar, in that our coaches are experienced leadership coaches first and foremost. We are adept at dealing with the issues you, as a professional women want to explore. It would however include both your business challenges and opportunities, as well as the gender-specific issues that you want to raise.

How long are the coaching sessions?

The meetings are generally for 2 hours or 90 minutes.

How long do you usually work with a board?

It depends on the nature of the board and the issues you’re facing. We agree timescales up front, so it varies according to each organisation.

How long is the training course?

This course is a combination of individual learning and a 2-day group training. It involves pre-work. Before attending the group sessions some reading, watching a few short video clips and completion of a personal reflection exercise is required.

How long is the training course?

It is a two- day group training course in basic coaching skills.

How many coaching sessions will I need?

We usually set up 5 or 6 sessions depending upon your situation.

How much does coaching cost?

It depends upon the number of sessions and what your need from us. Give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss it with you.

How much does coaching supervision cost?

This will depend upon the number and length of the sessions. Email or call to discuss the fees.

I am at a crossroads in my career, will this coaching work for me?

Yes, we are skilled at coaching individuals who are at a transitional point in their lives. They maybe changing tack to enjoy a more fulfilling career where they are or elsewhere. We also help people in the third phase of their working life – those drawing to the end of a successful career who want to find rewarding, meaningful roles that utilise their skills in new contexts.

Is supervision mandatory with you once I have completed the training course?

No, it is not. It is an option that you may like to take up to support your ongoing coaching practice and learning.

Is the coaching confidential?

All the coaching conversations we have are 100% confidential.

Is the coaching supervision one-to-one or group?

It is one-one or in groups – as needed.

Is there an interview involved before someone is given a training course place?

Yes, there is an informal 40-minute call or a face-to face meeting with one of the course leaders.

Is there preparation to do before the training course?

A little. There some articles to read and a one-page objective to complete and email to the course trainers.

What do you mean by ‘leaders’ when you talk about coaching?

We mean anyone who is leading teams, has responsibility for others and is held accountable for commercial/business decisions.

What does career coaching do?

It will helps you see the wood for the trees, guiding you expertly to make the right career decisions for your stage in life, lifestyle, skills, personality type and ambitions. It maybe that you want to make the most of what you are already doing career wise or you want to think through some different options. Either way, we are skilled at working with to you to come up with a plan ahead.

What experience do you have working at board level?

We have plenty of experience. Our consultants and coaches are used to working at senior levels in a variety of large, not-for profit, for profit and social enterprise settings.

What is the cost of the training course?

Phone or email us for further information.

What is your availability to start coaching?

Get in touch and find out. It depends how busy we are at any one time.

What is your coaching approach?

Our approach is both supportive and challenging. It is systemic and solutions focused. We ensure that our coaching is entirely relevant and makes you more effective.

What size teams do you coach?

This depends on the situation. If the team has 6 members or under we use one team coach, if team has 6 – 12 members, we call in a second team coach. We do not usually work with teams that are bigger than 12 people.

What sorts of companies have you coached in?

We have worked with teams in every type of company, from start-ups and SMEs not-for-profits and corporates.

Where do most of your UK face-to-face coaching meetings take place?

Most of our coaching meetings take place in London, Oxford or at your place of work. We do work nationally and internationally, and do travel to see people further afield. However, this would be discussed at start of any coaching programme and form part of our up front agreement with the client or company

Where is this training course run?

It is run in central London or Oxford. On request a group ‘in-house’ course can be set up for you company.

Who do I contact to book a place on the training course?

Call us or email us. One of the course trainers will then be in touch with you.

Who is the advanced coaching course for?

This is our advanced course for experienced coaches.

Will the coach be a woman?

Not necessarily. It would be up to you to decide which of our coaches would suit you best?

Would on-going supervision be group or one-to-one after being trained?

We offer both. These are booked in advance by contacting us directly.