Nick Isbister

Managing Director • Executive Coach
For 26 years, Nick has been a trusted advisor to many leaders and emerging leaders. He focuses on working with senior executives, helping them negotiate the pressures they face at the top of their organisations.
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Jude Elliman

Director • Executive coach
Jude helps her clients to think clearly, strategically and practically. She supports her clients as they face big challenges and pressing, significant issues. Jude’s coaching approach is highly relational, organisationally savvy and results-orientated.
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Su Turney

Associate Executive Coach
Su is a great listener, people and their stories fascinate her. Working with those stories to help her clients make sense of where they find themselves, and working with them to forge new empowering narratives infuses all she does.
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Pat Watson

Associate Executive Coach
Pat’s coaching is strengths-based, with high degrees of both challenge and support, and her clients learn about themselves in ways that can be life-changing.
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Lesley Whelan

Associate Executive Coach
Given her strong experience in and knowledge of organisations, Lesley understands the dynamics of how they develop, the habitual patterns they create and how they are often in transition.
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Martin Kalungu-Banda

Associate Executive Coach
Martin is a consultant in organisation and leadership development; a coach; designer and facilitator of innovation and organisation change processes; a trainer and author.
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