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Working with three horizons in mind – shaping new futures

We are living in such uncertain and volatile times. Everyone is searching for some ‘handle’ on the future? We are seeking to see what emerges and how to shape different futures - find a way forward through all the uncertainties and complexities.

About business ownership and the Founder’s Mentality

We have been privileged to coach many ‘founders’ of businesses. Founders are a special breed. Some we have worked with in the white heat of the early days, some in the mayhem of scaling up, and some in the relative peace of the uplands, once the business has become established and successful. But all of the founders we have worked with are remarkable people whose drive and perseverance have often impressed us.

How to be a Good Chair

Strong, healthy, dynamic organisations need strong, healthy, dynamic relationships, especially between the CEO and the Chair.

How to become an Authentic Leader

As independent coaches, we're often seen as a useful resource to bring in when every other internal remedy has failed, a final port of call for people the organisation is struggling with. They frequently ask us to deal with problem issues.