How to write a successful blog for start-ups and small businesses

Writing a blog is a great way to grow your business and add value for your clients, creating a space to let you and your brand’s unique identity shine. Blogs can be a fantastic way to communicate directly with your customers and attract new ones, but with so many company blogs out there sitting unloved and unread in a dusty corner of Google’s search rankings how can you ensure that your blog avoids a similar fate?

About business ownership and the Founder’s Mentality

We have been privileged to coach many ‘founders’ of businesses. Founders are a special breed. Some we have worked with in the white heat of the early days, some in the mayhem of scaling up, and some in the relative peace of the uplands, once the business has become established and successful. But all of the founders we have worked with are remarkable people whose drive and perseverance have often impressed us.

Mastering the ‘experience economy’ – How customers or clients get what they want

The theory of the ‘Experience Economy’ gives us a powerful way of understanding how people get what they want in any ‘marketplace’. It matters because structuring your business around the idea will change the way you look at what you are doing, and how your clients experience it. If it sounds exciting, it is. Here’s an introduction to the experience economy.

Placement years – a student’s real life experience at work

Placement years at Universities are becoming more and more popular, with plenty of reasons why! Placement and Sandwich years are offered to students like myself, whilst studying at University, however not all courses offer them. I’m currently doing an Event Management degree and have just completed my Placement year.

It isn’t money, strategy or technology. So what really makes teams effective?

What makes an exceptional team? As the management guru Patrick Lencioni says in his 2002 book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, “Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” So how functional is your team? Could you do better?

Start-up – giving yourself the best chance to make it

Start-ups are exciting. When you kick off a brand new business, whatever the sector or subject, you’re often on a rollercoaster ride. You need to move quickly and confidently but you also need to remain sure-footed and grounded, blending fresh ideas with tried and trusted business wisdom to create a sturdy, workable whole.

Always busy? Getting busier? Slowing down could change your life!

Everyone's busy. Plenty of us are really, really busy, all of the time. Some say busy-ness has reached epidemic proportions in the wealthy western economy. But is being so busy you can't easily turn around and can't always think well, really a wise approach to work?

About internships – Great for business, great for careers

In the USA internships kicked off in the late 1960s. Since then they've become commonplace over the Atlantic. Roll back time to the 1990s in the UK and internships were more or less unheard of. Now they're a fast-growing trend in Britain too. So what are the advantages of an internship? How do they help businesses, and how about the interns themselves?

Why your glass is actually half full – The value of positive psychology

Are you in the habit of being a 'glass half empty' person, a bit of a pessimist? If so you can learn to become more optimistic, learn how to fill that glass even if you're easily discouraged. You can steadily learn how to change your habitual reactions. Here's why it matters, and how Martin Seligman’s approach and techniques can help you.

James Kerr, the All Blacks, and their awesome insight into leadership

Who does teams and leadership better than anyone else? The New Zealand rugby team The All Blacks do an epic job, and their methods of working together are the primary reason behind their enviable, long-held status as the world's most successful international men's rugby team.

New job? How to make a positive impact and do it FAST!

You've landed a new role. Big congratulations! But beware... it can be a surprisingly tricky transition, a complex pivotal time unless you're prepared. A career move can make or break a leader, especially a new leader with little experience. You need a good, solid plan of action. Here's our survival kit.

The risk of single stories, and the value of balance

In the 1930s scientists began examining the cognitive effects of labeling. According to a hypothesis by the linguist Benjamin Whorf, the words we use to describe what we see aren't just random. They actually determine what we experience to a startling degree. And that can be dangerous.

How to slow down, calm down, and harness non-violent communication

At various times in your career you'll probably find yourself handling a variety of challenging situations. In fact anyone on an upward career path will encounter tricky circumstances at one time or another, involving unhappy, disappointed and frustrated people. So how do you manage yourself, and them, effectively?

About marketing a new freelance business – The basics

Plenty of people are freelancers. If you're thinking about going freelance yourself, you'll hopefully already have a few clients or customers under your belt, ideally a handful so you're not only reliant on one income stream.

A new start? All about freelancing…

According to, there are already around two million freelance workers in Britain, a number that's widely predicted to keep on rising. A dramatic increase in freelancers came about from 2009 onwards, as the global banking crisis and resulting recession began to bite.

How to stop your blind spots from tripping you up

Our blind spots often develop when we’re young. They help us survive, and they often start off being pretty useful. But as time goes by and your past successes become your only way to succeed in the present and future, things can get tricky. If our only approach to solving problems doesn’t work in certain environment, we’re lost.

Are You Struggling to Overcome the Imposter Syndrome?

Do you ever feel like an imposter? It's a surprisingly common phenomenon amongst leaders like you. If you find you're constantly worried that someone will realise you're not up to the job and 'find you out', you're not alone.