Coaching training courses

Coaching supervision

On-going client support

We will support you as a coaching practitioner in your coaching practice. We help you to navigate the complexities of your clients’ context and the challenges that each one faces. We will work systemically with you and explore the wider business concerns. We will consistently add value to your coaching through our ‘behind-the-scenes’ presence with you. Coaching supervision with the Listening Partnership will provide you with:

  • Support when you need it
  • The assurance of fresh perspective
  • Space to reflect

Supervision with us can take a variety of forms. Supervision is traditionally considered to have 3 dimensions:

  • Your work quality and your on going professional development
  • Your personal and professional well being
  • Your individual clients, your organisational clients and the wider system

We’ll work with you on all three dimensions, helping you build your coaching practice and supporting your professional work. We’ll share our expertise, coaching resources and different perspectives with you to help you improve as a coach. Above all, we will help you reflect on your practice and return better resourced to your clients.

Regular supervision ensures you keep your coaching practice fresh and supports you as you face challenging or complicated client issues. A commitment to good practice and regular supervision are key elements of any successful coach’s approach.

“Jude has been my supervisor for years. Through her extensive experience as a coach, supervisor and trainer she provides me with invaluable insight as well as bringing focus on my ongoing development as a coach. She combines working at depth with practical outcomes, along with utter seriousness, humour and approachability.”
Helen McCallion, Executive Coach

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