General Coaching Supervision

Keep yourself sharp by using our supervisor services! We offer supervision for individuals and small groups. It is a key element of your ongoing professional development and we provide two types of supervision.

The first is General Executive Coaching Supervision, where we review any or all aspects of your practice. We will work systemically with you and explore any wider business concerns you may have, while our ‘behind-the-scenes’ presence will consistently add value to your coaching.

The Listening Partnership will provide you with:

  • Support when you need it
  • The assurance of a fresh perspective
  • Space to reflect

Supervision is traditionally considered to have 4 dimensions:

  • Your work quality and ongoing professional development
  • Your personal and professional well being
  • Your individual clients, your organisational clients and the wider system
  • The ethics of your coaching practice

We’ll work with you on all 4 of these aspects, helping to build your coaching practice and supporting your professional work. We’ll share our expertise, coaching resources, relevant business models and different perspectives with you to help you improve as a coach. Above all, we will help you reflect on your coaching and return better resourced to your clients.

Regular supervision ensures you keep your coaching practice fresh and supports you as you face challenging or complicated client issues. A commitment to good practice and regular supervision are key elements of any successful coach’s approach.

Virtual coaching sessions

All our coaching sessions will take place online for the time being. While this may be a necessity due to the pandemic, it has the benefit of increased flexibility and convenience. Our coaches have years of experience using online conferencing tools, allowing them to make virtual sessions just as effective as face-to-face ones.

‘Jude has been my supervisor for years. Through her extensive experience as a coach, supervisor and trainer she provides me with invaluable insight as well as bringing focus on my ongoing development as a coach. She combines working at depth with practical outcomes, along with utter seriousness, humour and approachability.’
Helen McCallion
Executive Coach

Transformational Narrative Coaching Supervision

The second type of supervision is for any executive coach, consultant or leader who has been on one of our 3 Transformational Narrative Coaching Courses.

This supervision harnesses your learning from your training, supporting and challenging you as you embed the power of narrative into your ongoing coaching practice or leadership role. We will explore your clients’ personal and organisational stories with you, helping you make sense of what’s being said from a coaching perspective.

The time spent in supervision will enrich your reflective practice and enable you to apply the narrative approach to your client sessions more creatively and effectively. The supervision will draw upon models that you’ll find familiar from your training. It has a strong organisational development focus with emphasis on leadership, and will introduce you to relevant new theories and ideas in these areas.

For those in regular supervision with us on at least a quarterly basis, you also have the option to work towards the Listening Partnership Transformational Narrative Coaching Certification.

Building coaching confidence and capabilities

Our General Executive Coaching Supervision and our more specialised Transformational Narrative Supervision provide an on-going way of building your coaching capability, increasing the range of interventions and models you can draw upon. It will strengthen your overall confidence, broaden your repertoire of coaching skills and deepen your capacity to be present for your clients.

Both types of supervision offer you fresh ideas, while providing you with a valuable sounding board and an ethical perspective that is essential to quality coaching work. Our supervision gives you the opportunity to step back from business as usual and consider the vital ingredients in your role that will keep you being effective and successfully on track.

‘I have worked with Nick since 2002 finding his insights and help profound. Nick always helps me unpack my jumbled thoughts, helping me to be present as a leader, giving me the confidence I need to thrive and perform.’
Guy Mason
Cfo And Director – Bp Shipping

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Our coaching supervision is there to support you in a way that works around your needs and developmental path. If you think your coaching or leadership practice could benefit from a dedicated and experienced executive coaching supervisor, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Sign up for our coaching supervision and enrich your professional development today!

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