Mel Robbins’ fascinating world – About change, and why we don’t!

It’s always interesting discovering a new slant on life and to discover a refreshingly different idea. Mel Robbin’s approach falls neatly into that category. Her attitude to change, and why people don’t change, is both radical and determined. It’s well worth looking at. Plus, her approach might be just what you are looking for and suit you down to the ground.

Introducing Mel Robbins

Melanie Robbins is an American ex-lawyer, podcast host, author and motivational speaker, whose YouTube TEDx talk about her ‘five second rule’ has been watched more than 31 million times. Her second book, The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage became the top non-fiction book on Audible and the 6th most popular on Amazon for 2017.

Will you respond to Mel’s challenge?

Mel Robbin’s approach to change is challenging and provocative. It’s all about realising you’re blocking yourself, then stopping it and being more courageous. Focusing on what’s important to you, then taking action within five seconds of the idea striking you.

How to get what you want – simple but not easy

So how do you get what you want in Mel’s world? It takes effort to shake things up, making the changes you know you need to make. It’s all about turning off your brain’s autopilot and demolishing your comfort zone. Only then will you be able to create a truly rewarding life.

Mel advocates not saying you’re fine when you’re really not fine at all. Life is unique, magical, and only lasts for a few decades if we’re lucky. ‘Fine’ doesn’t get anywhere near describing the wonder of it all. So don’t accept that you’re fine, that you don’t really want the life you’re hankering after.

‘Fine’ stops us from acting. It’s an excuse for non-action, your inner snooze alarm. How many of the brilliant ideas you’ve had have died before they’re born because your brain pressed the snooze button?

Instead of letting all that brilliance pass you by, you can make a decision within a five second window and make change happen. You won’t feel ready. You won’t feel comfortable. You won’t feel like it. But do it anyway. No snooze, no delay, just do it.

When you do, you realise there’s actually a physical force that stops you from changing. It takes a lot of effort to change your behaviour. But as an adult, you may as well just get on with it. In Mel’s words, “It’s your job to do the crap you don’t feel like doing so you can be everything that you’re supposed to be. Don’t waste any more time not feeling like it.”

The 5 second rule

The human brain is not keen on things that fall outside our normal routine. It slams the emergency brake on to stop us making uncomfortable changes. We all do it. Our brain loves being on autopilot even when the routine is boring us and we’re unhappy with life. This means one of our most basic needs – the desire for exploration – isn’t being met, and we’re not growing.

We have to force ourselves to act, and Mel means force. What do you want? Don’t listen to how you feel because you’ll never get around to changing. You’ll lose the impulse. Just move outside your comfort zone, acting within the first five seconds of thinking about it, and change will inevitably happen.

The video is entertaining. Here it is. Take a look for yourself but don’t delay – think it, do it!

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As Mel says…

The problem is up to you. You can get in your own way. You keep killing your own ideas. She advocates just stopping doing what you are doing. Why not experiment with the five second rule and see how it suits you?