Lesley Whelan

Given her strong experience in and knowledge of organisations, Lesley understands the dynamics of how they develop, the habitual patterns they create and how they are often in transition. She is skilled at working with both the challenges and the possibilities that exist in these systems. Lesley is adept at identifying how ‘stories’ define people’s realities. She helps people shape their narratives to secure better outcomes for themselves, their teams and the organisations they belong to. A solutions and narrative approach lie at the heart of her practice.

Lesley’s experience

Lesley helps individuals, teams, organisations and boards successfully navigate their way through periods of transition. Prior to running her own coaching business Lesley was the HRD of a long-established UK Charity. Coaching is key to how she works. When she first experienced the power of coaching herself, over 15 years ago, she was so impressed with its impact she both trained as a coach and introduced coaching skills throughout the organisation.

Having been in leadership in the UK and having worked with global teams, Lesley has a wealth of experience to call on. Her Master’s in Management Learning and Organisation Change complements her enthusiasm for and expertise in coaching.

“Strategic and practical, Lesley helps people move forwards in their lives. She serves her clients through skilled organisational interventions and her HR informed perspectives.”
What our clients say about Lesley