Working remotely

Working remotely offers an appealing set of benefits such as flexibility and focus, and it was found to improve quality of life. Studies have shown that businesses may profit from increased efficiency and engagement. But it also throws up considerable challenges caused by the physical separation from your team.

Occasionally, uncertainty kicks in, a feeling of isolation can affect your motivation, the inability to have a casual chat over tea can cause frustrations to fester. This is normal but, at such times, an appropriate support mechanism makes all the difference and helps you regain confidence as a remote worker.

Our experienced coaches will train you to deal with these challenges and help you optimise your motivation, performance and personal satisfaction. They will also focus on how you can achieve professional success and develop your career while out of team leaders’ line of sight.

How coaching for individuals working remotely works

Our coaches will help you maximise the benefits of working remotely while managing the challenges by:

  • Establishing a sense of ownership and responsibility
  • Feeling like you’re making a valuable contribution
  • Strengthening your openness to personal learning and development
  • Understanding your role in the company’s bigger picture and developing your career while not in decision-makers’ immediate line of sight
  • Devising communication strategies to foster strong relationships with your team in spite of physical distance
  • Managing feelings of isolation
  • Striking the right work-life-balance
  • Avoiding distractions and finding ways to switch off when working from home

At an organisational level, the provision of coaching services to remote workers like you helps your employer better use your talents by enhancing your productivity, increasing your professional satisfaction and improving your personal quality of life. Strong relationships between remote workers and their colleagues lead to a positive culture that allows a team to reach its potential.

Working with a coach

Coaching for individuals working remotely focuses on the unique set of challenges linked to being physically separated from your team and colleagues. However, it also includes general coaching elements to drive your career’s success and personal development. Naturally, For the time being, all our coaching sessions will take place virtually. Find out more here.

Virtual coaching sessions

All our coaching sessions will take place online for the time being. While this may be a necessity due to the pandemic, it has the benefit of increased flexibility and convenience. Our coaches have years of experience using online conferencing tools, allowing them to make virtual sessions just as effective as face-to-face ones.

Meet our coaches

Jude Elliman

Jude helps her clients to think clearly, strategically and practically. She supports her clients as they face big challenges and pressing, significant issues. Jude’s coaching approach is highly relational, organisationally savvy and results-orientated.

Work with Jude

Nick Isbister

For 26 years, Nick has been a trusted advisor to many leaders and emerging leaders. He focuses on working with senior executives, helping them negotiate the pressures they face at the top of their organisations.

Work with Nick

Meet our coaches
‘The Listening Partnership brings originality, focus and fun to the teams that they engage with. Their approach is built upon their wealth of experience, breadth of professional knowledge and strong coaching and training expertise.’
Dr Anton Baumohl
Senior Lecturer – Regent’s University