Coaching for remote teams

Remote teams are part and parcel of our digitised, global world. Be it to meet a commercial requirement to have your people on the ground, or to offer your team a better quality of life by working flexibly. Yet, managing a remote team is complex and brings challenges for both management and individuals alike: keeping track of projects, balancing self-drive and group work, inspiring a close team mentality in spite of physical distance.

Whether you are seeking to improve the performance of existing remote teams or looking to set up new ones, our unique brand of executive coaching can help you make sure everyone moves in the same direction.

Benefits of coaching for remote teams

Team coaching, in general, helps both leaders and individual members come together by improving relationships, boosting collective performance and fostering a common sense of achievement. While working remotely brings challenges — such as keeping everyone in the team up to date or generating individual motivation — it can also lead to more efficiency and other benefits.

Whether the need to work remotely arises punctually for a specific project or becomes long-term due to individual life changes (health, parenthood), together with your team and its leaders, we will make recommendations for new processes and shared spaces that make everyone feel included. This way, people can deliver results as seamlessly as if they were in the office next door.

How coaching for remote teams works

We will work with your team leaders, groups and individuals who work remotely to:

  • Nurture, coax and coach individual members into an appropriate level of performance which can be affected by physical distance
  • Accelerate through the known phases of the team life cycle by establishing clear processes
  • Enable and facilitate different conversations that will create a strong team culture, even remotely
  • Diagnose and fix any unhelpful team dynamics or behaviours
  • Minimise distractions, optimise performance and maximise collaborative results

Our experienced coaches’ goal is to ensure that remote team members continue to contribute seamlessly and that physical distance is a boost, not a barrier, to performance.

Naturally, we are able to deliver coaching sessions remotely, bringing all members together wherever they are. Find out more here.

Virtual coaching sessions

The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak means many businesses are stopping face-to-face meetings and require entire teams to work remotely. This makes it more important than ever to stay coordinated and to have clear processes in place. Our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients. We are able to deliver our coaching sessions virtually, through online conferencing tools.

Meet our coaches

Jude Elliman

Jude helps her clients to think clearly, strategically and practically. She supports her clients as they face big challenges and pressing, significant issues. Jude’s coaching approach is highly relational, organisationally savvy and results-orientated.

Work with Jude

Nick Isbister

For 26 years, Nick has been a trusted advisor to many leaders and emerging leaders. He focuses on working with senior executives, helping them negotiate the pressures they face at the top of their organisations.

Work with Nick

Meet our coaches
‘The Listening Partnership brings originality, focus and fun to the teams that they engage with. Their approach is built upon their wealth of experience, breadth of professional knowledge and strong coaching and training expertise.’
Dr Anton Baumohl
Senior Lecturer – Regent’s University