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Board level executive coaching

Board effectiveness and renewal

Is your Board working as well as it should? Board level executive coaching is designed for when boards need to improve. The implications of an underperforming board will impact the entire business. A board that is off-the-pace often becomes disconnected to the business and therefore becomes ineffective. As a Board, you need to make every effort to be a powerful governing body for your organisation. When board members are busy with other demands, the real risks (commercial, strategic, reputational, organisational) often get squeezed off the agenda.

Being a Board Director of a company, or Trustee of a Not-For-Profit enterprise is a privilege and a significant responsibility too. As a result, leadership and governance of all organisations require, of necessity real commitment, resourcing and time. Consequently, few Boards give the time and attention they need to their health, let alone the organisational health that is their core remit.

Benefits of board level executive coaching

Our board level executive coaching and experienced Board Chairs is designed specifically for those at the very top of the organisation. In addition, our experienced executive coaches will:

  • Audit your effectiveness as a Board, and create with you, strategies to bring about performance transformation.
  • Coach and mentor your Board Members (or your trustees) to help them raise their game.
  • Create a sensible, practical way of working as a group to ensure the Board focuses on what matters in all its deliberations.
  • Build a long-term relationship with you to help you shape and craft your Board to be the court-of-last-resort for you, the strategic resource it needs to be.

The Board is the business brain of the organisation and Board health, and Board vitality are central concerns of the Chair and the CEO. Our executive coaches understand this and will help build robust Governance mechanisms for you and your organisation.

board level executive coaching

Executive Chair roles

In addition to their experience working with boards, a number of our team also hold Executive Chair positions. They continue to sit on boards and help shape the strategy and governance of both companies and charities. Nick Isbister is the Executive Chair of Turley, a role that builds on his 25-year relationship he has with them, helping them go from being a young, dynamic, regional player to being the largest Independent Town Planning Consultancy in the UK. Turley is an EO Business. He is also the Non-Executive Chair of a UK Media Charity.

Furthermore, our team do occassionally consider opportunities to join further boards or take on executive chair roles. If you would like to discuss how we can help your board more effective, or discuss us joining your board, please contact us
“Nick and Jude are perceptive, impactful and motivational at personal, team and corporate levels. Working with the Listening Partnership for over 20 years in manufacturing and third sector organisations has been a highly valuable experience.”
Stuart Leed, Interim FD   •   Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

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Our board level executive coaching is specifically tailored to each and every board we work with. Contact the Listening Partnership today and find out how our executive coaching could help your board to lead more effectively.