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This programme is for busy professionals who cannot usually spare the time to attend courses, yet would benefit from highly skilled leadership coaching at the exact time and way they need it. Our unique programme will develop your capability to understand and apply the power of narrative and story within personal and organisational contexts. It will also provide you with skilled leadership coaching during that process.

This combined approach to the theory and practice of story in the business world is designed to deepen your ability to:

  • Explore and make better sense of personal and organisational narratives – from a global, commercial, relational and ethical perspective
  • Envision new ways of catalysing transformational change within organisations
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that locate and open up hidden assumptions that people within an organisation might be making
  • Identify how, through big and small stories, you can come to a deeper understanding of an organisation’s inner landscape, and do it faster than you would just by observing
  • Conceive different models and ways of engaging with the metaphors and values, internal and external stories of the people around you
  • Pinpoint effective ways to move leaders and organisations forwards, shifting negative patterns of thinking and behaving while replacing them with ways to develop different, more positive practices
  • Visualise ways to challenge and support people within organisations to gain greater agency, resourcefulness and a fresh sense of purpose
  • Work with leaders and the organisations they are leading to re-story their lives rather than simply move to a default future

Transformational Narrative Coaching for Leaders is a powerful approach that gets to the core of what drives individuals and organisations.

The programme framework

It is always responsive to you and your world. Your coach will be there for you whenever you need them and over a sustained time period. The programme is customised and designed to work alongside the constraints you are under, then to run with the flexibility you need given the pressure you face.

  • Twelve 120-minute coaching sessions over a one-year period and on-call support as needed
  • Two half-day, individualised training experiences
  • In total 30 hours of coaching time together

Our approach can transform your ability to drive positive change, and further unlock your own and others’ leadership potential.

This programme can be arranged to suit the individual leader.

Course Breakdown

This programme focuses on you and your leadership within a complex and shifting setting. It will also explore the following ideas in relation to your own context:

  1. The Centrality of Stories – organisational and personal
  2. Creating New Processes – eliciting stories and making sense of them
  3. Developing Dialogue – transforming leadership conversations one-at-a-time
  4. Making Sense of Stories – organisational and personal
  5. How Questions Work – strengthening your capacity to ask incisive questions and get to the heart of the matter
  6. How Does Transformation Happen – both for individual leaders and organisations
  7. Immediate Applications – as you encounter them, and as they emerge
  8. Going Deeper – ways of getting beneath the surface to address the darker recesses of organisational life

The Story So Far…
As part of the commitment we have to you, you will be given the book The Story So Far – Introduction to Transformational Narrative Coaching by Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman. The book is a valuable, easy to read resource that covers the theory and key ideas behind their narrative approach.

The Story So Far…

As part of the course you will be given the book The Story So Far’ – An Introduction to Transformational Narrative Coaching by Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman.

In-Depth Narrative Understanding

Together we will explore the most important current theories around narrative and stories, and introduce you to the key thought leaders in the field. These include the ideas of Dan McAdams, Paul Ricoeur, Pierre Bourdieu, Erving Goffman, Susan Greenfield, Ruthellen Josselson, Michael Bamberg and several others.

We have selected a spread of fascinating ideas from the narrative world and presented them in a highly accessible manner. They are explained and explored in a practical way that can be easily applied to your context and the issues that you face.

‘I have worked with the Nick over the last 7 years and it’s been a fantastic journey of discovery, incredibly rewarding and at times provocative. I am absolutely convinced that my professional development, clarity of personal brand and overall career fulfilment have all benefited significantly since working with Nick and the team.’
Barry McNeill
Chief Operating Officer – Catapult Sports

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Could you do with a bright, informed business leader alongside you – one who is also a trusted, highly experienced executive coach? Do you need a boost, a refreshed outlook and a real understanding of how story works in your life, as well as within your organisation? If this is the case, then get in touch to see how our Transformational Narrative Coaching for Leaders can benefit you.

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