Three powerful training methods

These courses focus on the way narratives create and constrain the possibilities for individuals, teams and organisations. They are designed to complement your existing way of working, extending your repertoire to help clients reflect and renew their sense of authenticity and agency.

They introduce coaches to a proven, practical and powerful method of working with client narratives, called Transformational Narrative Coaching. It draws on the ideas covered in The Story So Far: Introduction to Transformational Narrative Coaching by Nick Isbister & Jude Elliman.

We all make sense of our experiences via stories, everything from the small moments in life to the bigger, more significant events that colour and frame who we are. That’s why this way of working feels natural, feels intuitive, feels right.

We’ve created three ways of being trained:

    1. Flying Solo
    2. Group Training
    3. Transformational Narratives for Leaders

All of our courses will provide you with an empowering set of frameworks that give you the confidence to work with your clients’ and organisations’ stories in transformative ways.

We’ll introduce you to new ways of working with story that are relevant and accessible, all of which have the potential to help you understand change at a personal, team and organisational level.

The course explores how people make sense of their lives, interpret their experiences to find meaning, and continually construct their identities through the narratives they tell. We help people integrate aspects of what they’ve done, aligning the disparate elements that matter to them to create a dynamic understanding through which to become more effective communicators, more purposeful individuals, and better leaders.

Theory and practical application

Combining theory with practical application, the roots of Transformational Narrative Coaching reach deep into the advanced psychology of personhood. They acknowledge and affirm people’s sense of inner sameness and continuity, and the sense of important difference and discontinuity we often experience as we navigate life in all its complexity.

We’ll explore the most important current theories around narrative and stories, and introduce you to the key thought leaders in the field. These include the ideas of Dan McAdams, Paul Ricoeur, Pierre Bourdieu, Erving Goffman, Susan Greenfield, Ruthellen Josselson, Michael Bamberg and several others. We will be integrating Martin Buber’s concept of I-Thou dialogue and incorporating insights from Gestalt Psychology.

Solo Narrative Course

This course is designed for experienced coaches. If you’re based further afield or prefer to more flexibly structure your training in accordance with your schedule, then the Flying Solo course will be ideal for you. If you simply prefer working one-on-one with us, Solo provides alternative means of personal coaching training that focuses directly on you.

Solo Narrative Course

Group Narrative Course

This advanced course is designed for experienced executive coaches, consultants, L&OD practitioners, HR professionals and business leaders. It will train you to apply our distinctive way of coaching to your practice in your own way. It is particularly effective when used with clients’ leadership roles and at transition or decision points in their lives.

Group Narrative Course

Leadership Narratives

This programme is designed for business leaders sustaining a highly pressured role shaping and influencing their organisation in ways that are crucial to its future. It is for busy professionals who want to gain an expertise in organisational and personal narrative. It is for Leaders who would also benefit from skilled executive coaching themselves during the process.

Leadership Narratives

Enjoy multiple perspectives

The courses will enhance your leadership and your coaching by integrating multiple perspectives and different time frames. It will build your capability to connect the immediate and the personal with wider relational and organisational matters.

Transformational Narrative Coaching builds upon thirty years’ experience. Executive coaches Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman have used story throughout their careers and have found it an invaluable approach to coaching – particularly in complex and demanding organisational contexts that are changing fast.

The Story So Far…

As part of the course you will be given the book The Story So Far’ – An Introduction to Transformational Narrative Coaching by Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman. Their book covers the content of the training. It is a valuable resource to back-up the course, and will extend your understanding by describing the ideas in greater depth.

Invaluable understanding and applications

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how:

  • Narrative happens on many levels, individually and organisationally
  • Clients make sense of their world through stories, positive and negative
  • Narratives help define identity, create meaning, and generate feelings of belonging
  • Stories show us what comes across to others, what matters to them, how people make things happen and get things done, and why they do what they do
  • The listener’s presence opens the way for clients to really hear themselves
  • Listening attentively to people’s stories releases their resourcefulness
  • Narratives are expressed through actions and words, and also through what is ignored
  • An awareness of negative, recycled self-stories opens new ways for learning
  • Significant stories reveal underlying patterns of purpose, values and habits
  • Stories highlight the conditions in which people thrive, and the opposite
  • Narrative helps people understand their possible selves and their best self
  • Leaders’ stories are told through their presence, daily actions and word
‘Nick and Jude’s Advanced Narrative Coaching Course is simply amazing. They are inspiring and expert coaches (and trainers) who have drawn on advanced psychology theory and their years of successful coaching experience to create a powerful new coaching process. Not only did their course teach me this exciting new process that I will I use with my clients, but it also helped fast forward my personal development journey. It re-energised my coaching practice.’
Kathy Greethhurst
Staff and Organisational Development Consultant – Oxford Brookes University

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