Tess’s work

She has developed a specialist interest in what makes individuals resilient and how they can make changes happen whilst sustaining their own well-being. She helps her clients pin-down robust reasons for change, become more motivated, and be better equipped to perform at their best.

As an accomplished Myers Briggs practitioner, Tess has a deep understanding of people’s unique differences and strengths and how these apply in group and team contexts. She engages with teams to define who they are and to identify the values and behaviours that support their core purpose.

Tess delivers short courses for managers and leaders of teams. Together, they explore different modes of leadership and management, identifying how to most effectively apply these approaches in their own particular contexts.

Tess’s experience

Tess has worked in Senior Leadership roles in the NHS. With over ten years as an Associate Director in two large, dynamic CCG’s, she understands how challenging it is for people to face perpetual change. Tess has also been an internal consultant and executive coach, with a Sector Skills Council and in a range of independent business consultancies. Tess has designed and implemented successful programmes, built upon her broad experience, business planning expertise and service redesign background.

She has extensive experience in developing workforces and in coaching clients in major organisational transformations. She has a strong commitment to creating and delivering effective learning and culture change interventions. The initiatives that are needed to strengthen individuals and teams, as they navigate their way through the disruptive and often turbulent waters of transition.

Tess is skilled at on-line coaching, a Flying Solo Transformational Narrative Coaching Course Trainer and Coach Supervisor.

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Virtual coaching sessions

All our coaching sessions will take place online for the time being. While this may be a necessity due to the pandemic, it has the benefit of increased flexibility and convenience. Our coaches have years of experience using online conferencing tools, allowing them to make virtual sessions just as effective as face-to-face ones.

‘Tess is an experienced professional and coach that people are drawn to, and trust immediately. Her compassion and commitment to the development of her clients is evident in all her relationships.’
What our clients say about Tess

Virtual coaching sessions

Our executive coaches work closely with individuals and teams in businesses throughout the UK and beyond. The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak means many businesses are stopping face-to-face meetings and require entire teams to work remotely. This makes it more important than ever to stay coordinated and to have clear processes in place. Our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients. We are able to deliver our coaching sessions virtually, through online conferencing tools. Virtual coaching sessions are a viable and powerful alternative with benefits along the way: we’re more flexible.

Businesses with remote teams

Remote teams offer powerful advantages but they come with a unique set of challenges. We will help you optimise collective performance in spite of physical distance to release your remote teams’ full potential.

Individuals working remotely

Working remotely can be as challenging as it is liberating. We will help you maximise the benefits, and manage the challenges, of physical distance to your colleagues.